Scheduled Exports , View Management & 12 other Cayzu Help Desk Features

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest feature release!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Ability to schedule ticket data exports
  • Ability to manage views
  • Ability to merge across different requester’s
  • Sort & stop functions added to assignment rules
  • Private forms
  • Consolidated view/edit for contacts
  • Alphabet sorting added for contacts/companies
  • Optimized “Create new ticket screen” for agents
  • Added SLA support for groups
  • Ability to add TAGS to views
  • Better handling for bounced emails
  • New custom field type (Company list)
  • Ability to allow a contact to see all assets from their company
  • Exposed Ticket Closed By Agent letter


Ability to schedule ticket data exports: Agents can now schedule their data exports to be automatically sent to them via email on a pre-defined schedule and time.  Manual data exports will also auto save the last selection made.


Ability to manage views: Admins can now either allow their agents to manage their own views or manage the views for them.  Choose to create, edit or hide views for yourself or all agents.


Ability to merge across different requesters: One of the most popular requests we’ve had so far!  Agents can now merge tickets from different requesters while customizing the closing ticket message.

Sort & stop functions added to assignment rules: Admins can now sort the order of assignment rules and setup stop rules.


Private forms: Admins can now create forms that will only be accessible from the agent portal.  Great for those forms that are sensitive such as employee termination forms.


Consolidated view/edit for contacts: It’s now easier to both view & edit a contact.  Both functions will now be done from the same screen.

Alphabet sorting added for contacts/companies: Finding a company or contact is now much easier by simply clicking a letter of the alphabet to then browse by the corresponding starting letter.


Optimized “Create new ticket screen” for agents: We’ve reduced the number of fields that are required when creating a ticket in the agent portal by removing any fields that didn’t have a selection.  Stay tuned for phase 2 of this usability update in the near future.


Added SLA support for groups:  Admins can now set up Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on groups.


Ability to add TAGS to views: Agents can now choose to display TAGS as one of their columns to be displayed on their ticket grid.


Better handling for bounced emails: Agents are now notified if an email is not delivered to a user for any reason including bounces or bad email addresses.


New custom field type (Company list): The company list custom field type is used by organizations looking to be able to assign work to specific companies while retaining ownership of the ticket.  This new custom field Is added as drop down in the end-user portal.


Ability to allow a contact to see all assets from their company:  Contacts can now be given privileges to be able to see and select all assets when they sign in to the end-user portal.


Exposed Ticket Closed By Agent letter: We’ve now exposed this letter so administrators can choose to disable or edit this letter.  Useful if you don’t want to receive ticket closure emails from the system.


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