How playing Plants vs Zombies 2 can help with your customer service

What Playing Plants vs Zombies 2 can Teach us about Customer Service

At Cayzu we want to be known for our high quality help desk software, but we also wouldn’t mind being known for our sense of fun and our ability to compare a popular video game with improving your customer support. Plants vs Zombies is a popular video game where a home owner uses a variety of plants to keep a horde of brain hungry zombies at bay. Rather than putting the video games away to get back to business, use the video games to help your business.

Someone Always Wants to Trample Your Flowers

Just like the zombies in Plants vs Zombies would like nothing more than to trample over every flower that you have, the same goes for some of your customers, your competitors and possibly even some of your employees. Show how strong that you and your business are by refusing to give them the satisfaction. When someone calls customer service with harsh words and a loud tone, answer in a calm and professional manner. Yelling might be their way of venting their general frustration rather than their anger at you.

Plan a Smarter Defence and Use Less Money 

As you’re devising ways of improving ticketing systems in the age of social media, make sure that you also focus on ways to strategically enhance your client’s customer service experience. What this means is taking a few minutes to categorize and understand your top support calls so that you can properly plan for them. It’s a crazy world out there, and you’ll never know what you’ll hear when you pick up that phone or open that email.

Have Your Agents Work Less Like Pea Shooters and More Like Pea Pods

In the Plants vs Zombies game, gamers are equipped with a pea shooter plant that spits out a single pea at a time and a pea pod that can bind together several pea shooters into one plant, effectively making them work as a team. Help desk solutions like Cayzu improve customer service by enabling support agents to work better in teams and stay organized by utilizing more efficient work flows.

Be More Like a Split Pea and Use Every Medium to Answer Your Customers

Plants vs. Zombies has a special plant called a Split Pea that can simultaneously shoot in the front and back. In this analogy we act as the Split Pea since our help desk software can keep a close eye on all of your communication mediums, including email, Twitter, your website and Facebook. Now you never have to worry about a customer slipping through the cracks and feeling ignored. Imagine how much time this particular step can save you.

Sunlight Makes Everything Better

In the game your plants need sunlight in order to grow, and the same applies to your business. Try your very best to make your customers and callers smile any way that you can. Ensure that your employees smile whenever they greet customers and wish them a good day when the conversation ends. A few kind words can do wonders for a person’s day and their opinion of your company.

All Seeds Take Time to Grow

It takes time for seeds to sprout into plants, and it’s going to take time for your customer service department to be the best that it can be. While it’s important to invest in customer service, make sure that you don’t over invest. What this means is that it will take time and you shouldn’t try to speed up things up at the cost of quality.

For more helpful customer service analogies, or if you’d just like some good video game recommendations, get in touch with Cayzu today.

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