Small Business HR Mishaps to Sidestep

During the startup phases of getting your new business up and running, be sure you don’t neglect the finer parts of operating a business, like your human relations department. And because yours is a small company, you want to do everything possible to give yourself every advantage you’re owed. Here are a few HR mistakes you’ll want to be sure to avoid bringing out the best in your business.

Not Knowing How to Classify Your Employees

While some mistakes are reasonable and forgivable, the IRS might not be terribly understanding if you misclassify your helpdesk employees. The main thing you want to understand is the difference between employees and contractors. If someone doesn’t sign a contract that lays out her or his business relationship with your company, doesn’t have specific work shifts or if you have lost control over how the individual is paid and other related financial matters, then that person is likely to be considered a contractor rather than an employee.

Failing to Fully On-board Your Employees

When you do bring on a new member to your work team, be sure you do a thorough job. For instance, your new hire should receive a full job description that details all job duties responsibilities, necessary qualities and the like. You should let her or him know what you expect out of your employees, and you should know what your work team expects from you as an employer. Know that speeding up the hiring process can cost you an abundance of money in addition to time and energy. Owners of companies of every size cannot afford such unnecessary blunders.

You Don’t Have an Employee Handbook

Head employee mishaps, violations and the like off at the pass by implementing an employee handbook. In it, detail what your company considers bad behavior and the repercussions employees can expect if they violate the rules in the handbook. Ensure your team is well-aware of the handbook, that they read it and that you update it when necessary, so everyone is always on the same page.

Performance Issues Aren’t Noted

Don’t wait for employee performance problems to pile up in your cloud help desk business. Doing so carries the risk of issues becoming worse and more unmanageable, which often requires a more extreme response on your part. Instead, it’s better to make note of performance issues with individuals as well as your team and let the appropriate parties aware of the matter. Once you’ve done your part to make employees aware of the issue and to bring about a resolution, you at least have the peace of mind of knowing you did your best in the event you have to terminate an employee. Another reason to be meticulous when it comes to making performance issue notes is they could be quite useful in the event a terminated employee brings a lawsuit against you.

Never forget how essential a solid HR department is to your business. Remembering the above tips is a great way to better ensure you hire and retain the right team to take your business to the top.

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