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Top Five Customer Service Metrics

On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your customer service doing? If you can’t confidently answer that, with data to back it up, then you need to take a look at your customer service metrics. Whether you’ve never heard the term before or you haven’t had the time to properly assess your customer service, here are the top five areas you need to understand when it comes to excellent customer service. These metrics are particularly important if you’re using a cloud-based helpdesk, where you may not have any face-to-face contact with your customers.

Quality Time With Customers

Does your company take the time to stop and listen to your customers? Whether chatting on social media or calling on the phone, time with customers is an important feature of any customer service team. Ensure each customer is heard, understood and able to get their questions answered without a follow-up call.

Rapid Response Times

If you study your customer responses carefully, you may discover that response times are typically one of the most vital factors of great customer service. A fast response can communicate that your customer’s message is important. Set goals and work hard to respond to every customer ticket within a certain time frame. If you use a cloud help desk, like Cayzu, you’ll be able to get visibility into how well your customers are getting taken care of. .

Effective Retention

Do you know how many customers use your product or service? By carefully monitoring your customers and their habits, you’ll be able to identify your effectiveness at customer retention. Keeping loyal customers is a key to any business, but especially important for SaaS businesses.

Efficient Service

Another essential customer service metric is the quality of your service. From inventory management companies to helpdesk businesses, you need to set a quality standard for your company and each employee. By understanding what stellar service looks like, you’ll be able to reach for that goal with every customer interaction.

Consider using our helpdesk software to keep you on track. Set goals for your company, reminders for response times and automate your email system in order to save time and improve your efficiency.

Returns and Cancellations

If you sell products, returns can be a huge drain on your company. The additional time and money involved in shipping and handling the same products again can be devastating to a small business. Companies that sell services and subscriptions can similarly struggle with frequent cancellations. Use every opportunity you can to learn why customers are leaving your company. This can obviously help you not only offer them the products and services they need to return, but also encourage other customers to stay loyal to your brand.

Track Your Customer Service Metrics With Cayzu

Now that you have a handle on the five most important customer service metrics, it’s time to start gathering information and addressing problems. In order to effectively gather and analyze this level of information about your company and your customers’ experiences, let us help. Contact us today to benefit from intuitive, cloud-based helpdesk software that can provide you with comprehensive analytics. Our software is a fast and convenient way to maximize your customer service and keep your loyal customers satisfied.

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