What Your Customers Are Not Telling You

Most customer service helpdesk calls end with the customer saying, “Okay, thank you.” It is what they say after the call terminates that reveals how the interaction went. It could be, “They took care of our problem” or it might be more like, “We tried that, now what?”

Tapping into that vital information about how the customer is feeling is not always an easy matter. People are generally too polite to tell the agent that the company is doing a terrible job. That is until the frustration level climbs to the point of an angry blowup. Occasional surveys arriving by email or snail mail may provide some answers to help fuel changes, but these are usually too long for customers to take time with since they are periodic in nature.

2-Way Communication

Providing excellent customer service boils down to listening intently to what your customer wants to communicate to you and about you. Social media is one way to collect data about customer experience. Today’s users do tend to express themselves honestly in that forum. Cloud help desk applications can help you efficiently gather, sort and make action plans based on how your customers have responded to your service efforts.

A real conversation begins when both parties have something to say and a genuine desire to listen. You can assume that your customer wants to hear from you since they are turning to you to meet some need in their life. What many business owners are just starting to learn is that their customers have information vital to their success and most of them are just waiting for a proper avenue by which to communicate. By providing your customers with an efficient way to talk with you and taking the extra step to listen and implement their suggestions gives you a definite competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

Small Chunks of Feedback

Another avenue for collecting information about how you are doing is with targeted customer surveys. By directly asking your customers how well you are meeting their expectations in a variety of areas, you may uncover some mistakes you are making that you can quickly correct. With surveys, you can pinpoint simple things such as the hold music is irritating all the way up to serious product flaws.

Cayzu allows companies to implement short surveys easily that go to the customer automatically at the end of each interaction. Since these surveys are immediate, they are relevant to the customer’s recent activity, which typically provides you with more timely and accurate answers.

Strategic, Short and to the Point

Surveys can be contextually sensitive so that well-aimed questions can provide granular feedback from your customers. Fewer generalizations on your end of the conversation mean more specificity in the answers. Keeping the survey focused on the issues discussed in the last phone call or exchange makes the answers easier to categorize and incorporate into improvement plans.

Tools You Need

Are you sure that you are holding up your end of keeping that two-way conversation going with your customers? If you are not, they will be the first to notice, and they may wait to tell you until it is too late to keep them. Try out Cayzu cloud help desk application at no cost or obligation today, and give your customers’ a better way to tell you what they want you to know.

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