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Why It’s More Important to Focus More on Customer Service and Less on Price

At Cayzu, we understand that your customers want to save as much as possible, but they also want to have a positive customer service experience. Focus more on improving your help desk capabilities and less on adjusting your prices to either beat or match those of your competitors. With a little insight, you’ll understand why.

It’s All About the Shopping Experience

Even if you offer prices lower than your competitors, your shipping, taxes and discounts might end up making the final price roughly equal to that of your competitors. You and your company are better off focusing on making changes and improvements to your customer service so that your current customers and potential customers won’t mind if they have to pay a bit extra for your services or products.

For instance, make sure you have accurate listings for your wares. What this means is that if a product is listed as “ready to ship,” make sure it’s actually ready to be shipped out without the customer having to wait for other necessary parts to arrive at different times.

If there are several different components to a specific product, such as a bed or piece of furniture, be sure all of the correct pieces are shipped together. No one wants to receive a bed with slats that are too long or too short, which can cause delays in the customer actually using and enjoying a product that was supposedly “ready to ship.”

Have a System in Place

Mistakes are bound to be made throughout the course of doing business, that’s a given. What’s most important is that you have a thorough and effective customer service plan in place with your cloud help desk designed to take care of customers and their problems.

For instance, make sure you have a product tracking system that remains constantly up-to-date so that customers know exactly where their purchase is and when they can expect it. Besides original orders, your tracking system should also give current information regarding replacements and products being shipped back from the customer.

For those times when customers call, email or message your help desk, they should receive actual help and not just excuses or empty promises. Your customer service agents should know how to properly, quickly and adequately respond to disgruntled customers and know which department to reference them to if need be. By empowering your agents, you empower the customer and give them a reason to continue doing business with you, even if your prices are a bit more than those of your competitors.

Remain Consistent

You may also want to set up your customer service so that customers always interact with the same representative until an issue is resolved. Customers don’t like having to speak with several different agents for a single problem, and they don’t like having to repeat information over and over again. It’s reassuring to know there is a single person taking care of a problem rather than chatting with or messaging three or four different customer service representatives who may or may not be up-to-date on the situation.

Cayzu may not be able to help you have the best prices in your industry, but we can certainly help you improve your customer service. Before you think of changing anything about your business, check social media and your reviews to see what your customers have to say about your customer service.

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