Even crooks care about customer service

Yes, Even Crooks Care About Customer Service

Now I can safely say that I’ve heard it all.  The swindlers behind the Cryptolocker ransomware bug, a computer virus that hijacks your data and holds it ransom,  have launched their own customer service site.

Hold on a second!. Why would the scoundrels that stole your data care about providing you with great customer service?  Well the reality is that they most likely don’t, and a help desk site was launched to really guide the victims of this data theft virus through the process of restoring their data so that the thieves could get paid.

What is the CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus?

CryptoLocker is a revolutionary virus that is much more advanced than a traditional phishing scam. Once activated, victims have 72 hours to pay a fee roughly equivalent to $300 USD via Bitcoin or lose all access to their files.

Whereas law enforcement officials typically do not engage with crooks who demand ransom, the scope of CryptoLocker is too large to handle, to say the least. One of the most integral parts of the operation is exceptional customer support in the form of a help desk software site. After all, a failed attempt at collecting ransom payment for files is essential a botched robbery.

Customer Support for CryptoLocker Victims

You probably want to know when the nifty gadget you bought on-line shipped and when it will be delivered to your door. Naturally, CryptoLocker ransomware victims are typically even more anxious to learn about the status of online payment and delivery. In this case, the delivery comes in the form of selling your data back to you. (The crooks at least seem to follow one of my tips about e-commerce: educate your support staff to sell.  )

The Newest Wave of Ransomware Attacks

It’s not over yet, and experts predict that it might not be over any time soon.  After CryptoLocker extorted an estimated $6,000,000, which is said to be conservative by Italian researcher Michele Spagnuolo, other cyber crooks took notice.

The latest wave of attacks is perpetrated by CryptoLocker as well as a number of copycat cyber criminals. Security companies have not yet developed a method to combat ransomware, and the crooks have started to target larger corporations using unsecured computers. Criminal enterprises have recognized that the right approach to customer service simply makes things run more smoothly.

What Could Online Custom Support Software Do for Your Business?

If the right approach to customer service can help an emerging criminal enterprise, imagine what a highly efficient online custom support software could do for your business. After all, you don’t need to worry about getting thrown in jail.

Quality help desk software, like Cayzu can help your business build better customer relations and increase overall efficiency.


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