Enable Customer Self-Service So You Have More Time to Play Pokemon Go

Enable Customer Self-Service So You Have More Time to Play Pokemon Go

As the market becomes more and more crowded with competing goods, consumer expectations for customer self-service are reaching new astronomical levels that no one could have ever expected. What’s worse, is that as the internet has enabled a truly global economy for even small businesses, consumers are demanding, reliable and comprehensive self-service that is available anytime and anywhere. And why wouldn’t they petition for this requirement? Especially when they have better things to do, like play Pokemon Go!

Here are 5 things you should consider when putting together a customer self-service plan:

Self-Service Is an Extension, Not a Substitute

Just like your customer support initiatives, your customer self-service model should act as an extra soldier in your business army, not a lone wolf agent. The way your new customer service function works should be in line with your current business philosophy and business goals. Customers should be able to use the function and immediately associate it with your brand. It’s all about the branding!

This is also true for the Pokemon named Mimikkyu. Mimikkyu whose true appearance is still unknown, wears a veil that resembles a Pikachu. No one knows exactly why Mimikkyu does this but he’s got the branding down pat as Pikachu is the most famous Pokemon of all!

Make it Simple

What’s the use of having customer self-service if it feels more like self-torture? (Kind of like having to train Wobbuffet, a difficult and at times temperamental Pokemon). Promote the use of your own self-service portal to your team and to yourself to ultimately gauge how intuitive, helpful and if it’s overall effective towards your overall customer experience goal.

Focus on Overall Security

There’s a chance customers will be entering sensitive personal and financial information while using your customer self-service portal. Make sure their info is secure and safely stored using the toughest SSL encryption.

If your Help Desk solution doesn’t include SSL’s for custom domains, I’d suggest protecting it with Pikachu, a short, chubby & electrifying Pokemon.

Offer Round-the-Clock Self-Service

One of the great things about self-service is that it can be used when one-on-one customer service either isn’t available, or isn’t preferred. This 24/7 access should also include times when your internal systems are down. @Pokemon, this is a tip for you as your game servers keep crashing under the immense load driven by your millions of fans (great problem to have).

Make it Multi-Channel /Multi-Platform

Just like Pokemon Go was released to both IOS & Android simultaneously, your customer self –service should be multi-channel and multi-platform ready! To better integrate customer self-service with the rest of your helpdesk capabilities, make sure it links with all of your other methods of customer communication, including email, social media and even different devices (PC, MAC, Mobile etc..). This goes a long way in saving time and resources, and it offers a more streamlined experience, which you, your customers and your customer service representatives are sure to enjoy. Should you discover any redundancies in your multi-channel strategy, resolve them as quickly as possible.

Self-service makes for a great addition to your customer service capabilities. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your customer self-service strategy and remember, if you’re looking for a self-service enabled help desk solution, check out Cayzu!

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