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5 Ways a Help Desk Helps You Help Them

Have you ever wondered why so many people are switching from email to a help desk solution? Here are 5 ways a cloud based help desk solution helps you help them (Your customers) .

1. Allow your customers and office workers work more efficiently

Allow your customers and office workers to submit their own issues faster, and get better responses from your IT Support team without having to chase them around the office or waiting on hold for countless hours.  This even works for remote or at home employees!

2. Multitask smarter, and go the distance

Help desk systems allow IT support agents to work on multiple cases, and still stay organized and focused. Email makes it harder for agents to track similar issues or deal with multiple problems.  Systems like Cayzu Help Desk let you create your own self service knowledge base and even use canned answers for common questions.

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3. One place for all IT requests

Most cloud based help desk systems include a user portal, where they can submit tickets, follow up on tickets or just view related troubleshooting articles. A user portal can also be a place to inform your customers of upcoming maintenance, important news, or any other information that might be important to your customers. This will reduce unnecessary help requests because you’re enabling them to help themselves!

4. Customize to meet your business needs

Not every business is the same, and trying to capture the right information for every issue is near impossible with email. A help desk allows you to create custom fields such as printer type, windows version, suite number, or even color preference. This allows you to capture the right information from the start, and avoid going back to the customer for these basic type of questions.

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5. Automated help desk tickets

As emails are pouring into your support email address, why analyze them manually. The best help desk ticket systems allow you to automatically assign, classify or re-route issues based on specific criteria. For example, you can send any sales related questions to the sales team and any support tickets to the support team. This will save your team countless hours organizing emails and prioritizing them and give them more time to focus on what is important, getting back to your customers.

You might be asking yourself, is a help desk right for me?

A help desk is designed to make life easier and allows you to work on what is most important which is growing the business. For example, if you are in computer sales, why would you want to waste your time trying to organize your trouble tickets. Let us do that for you!  Cayzu Help Desk, the best choice for small & medium businesses!

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