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7 Resolutions for Increased Web Site Conversions

While there have never been more opportunities to turn help desk website visitors into loyal customers, you have to make sure your conversion strategy makes the most of those opportunities. Rather than feel bogged down and overwhelmed with your options. Cayzu is here to give you seven site conversion resolutions to implement this year.

1. Consider Conversion Rate Optimization Skill-Building and Learning

If you’ve got the resources, consider establishing a department that’s solely focused on conversion rate optimization, testing your website, improving user experience and drafting persuasive marketing and advertising. Smaller companies can implement this step by learning the basics of conversion rate optimization.

2. Revamp Your Website

Before making minor adjustments to your site, decide whether you need to make a drastic redesign to address issues users might be having and to better optimize your site. If you’re afraid that such a significant change will do more harm than good, don’t be. Your site’s current design might be exactly what’s keeping you from experiencing more conversions.

3. Shift Your Focus From Testing to a More Organized Conversion Strategy

Instead of focusing only on how well your cloud help desk site works, you’ll be better off recognizing when testing your site can do more harm than good, concentrating on ways to improve your profits and utilizing more flexible testing tools. Bear in mind that testing your website and optimizing your site aren’t the same thing.

4. Target and Divide With a Goal in Mind

When tightening your focus on the makeup of your audience, divide them according to their psychographic profiles, demographic, special aspects of your industry and how they behave while on your site. To help you with this resolution, turn to a trusted analytics tool, such as Google Analytics.

5. Personalize the Right Way

If you decide to personalize your user experience, do it the right way. You might be shocked to learn that only roughly 25% of businesses are actually utilizing site personalization. Personalization is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to start improving your site conversion rate this year and every year afterwards. If you’ve already personalized your site, see if you can tighten your settings to make sure you’ve got suggested products in stock and that they’re in the style, size or color the customer desires.

6. Upgrade Mobile Usability and UX

Your website should be optimized for mobile use, if it can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Remember that the screens and layouts of phones and tablets aren’t the same as computers, and you can easily miss out on opportunities to make a conversion if visitors don’t have an easier time of navigating your site while they’re on the go. When optimizing and designing your mobile site, use mobile analytics to improve the user experience.

7. Implement Consistent Multi-Channel Experiences

Whenever your customers interact with your company, be it through social media, email, a mobile site or an app, their experience should always be the same. They should automatically know they’re dealing with your company and brand no matter how they decide to interact with you. Make it easy and convenient for users to connect with you no matter how they choose to do so.

Here at Cayzu we want this year to be one of the best years yet for your business and your site. Put these tips to good use and watch as visitors turn into loyal customers and advocates for your business.

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