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Agents Can Finally Create Tickets for Themselves + 7 Other Cayzu Help Desk Features

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest update!

The release includes:

  • Enhanced Ticket History (Audit Log)
  • Ability for Agents to Create Tickets for Themselves
  • Ability to Delete Ticket Replies (Agent Portal)
  • Ability to Delete All Attachments from a Ticket (Agent Portal)
  • New Status Added to Cayzu’s Mobile Apps
  • Ability to Set an Articles (FAQ,Topics, News) Date
  • Ability to Select A Mailbox for Manual Ticket Creation
  • Consolidated Reports
  • & More


Enhanced Ticket History (Audit Log): Need more accountability when a ticket is worked on by multiple people over a long period of time?  You can now pull up an entire ticket’s history through an embedded audit log.

Ticket History


Ability for Agents to Create Tickets for Themselves: In the past agents couldn’t assign tickets to themselves and had to use a workaround of creating a secondary user.  This limitation has been removed and agents can now create tickets for themselves without a second account.  Want to test it out? Simply email your support address from your own agent email address!


Ability to Delete Ticket Replies (Agent Portal): Messed up a comment and want it removed from the ticket thread? Not a problem, you can now delete ticket replies.


Ability to Delete All Attachments from a Ticket (Agent Portal): You can now quickly delete one or all attachments from a ticket.

Delete - Cayzu Help desk


New Status added to Cayzu’s Mobile Apps: We’ve added the “Resolved” status in the mobile agent apps which allows you to quickly pull up the last 30 days of closed tickets.  On top of this, we’ve also expose the due date and who the requester was for each ticket.  To update, visit your respective app store.


mobile tech support


Ability to Set an Articles (FAQ,Topics, News) Date:  You now have more granularity when adding FAQS, News and Topics by having the ability to edit their posting date.

Cayzu Help Desk


Ability to Select A Mailbox for Manual Ticket Creation: Got a phone call about a billing problem from a customer and want the sales team to handle it? You can now associate tickets that you manually create with a specific mailbox so that the customer gets notified by the proper department & email address.

Mailbox at ticket creation


Consolidated Reports: It was time for a bit of a clean up! We’ve consolidated and combined some redundant reports to give you a better experience so make sure to log in and check it out (need it an account, sign up here) !

Get started today! Cayzu Help Desk is easy to get started with.  Just sign up for our no obligation, no credit card trial at: www.cayzu.com/sign-up .

Need more information? Not a problem.  Join an upcoming webinar or schedule a live demo today!

We look forward to your feedback as you use Cayzu Help Desk!


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