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Is Your Hiring Personality Small Business Friendly?

The chances of you getting rich from working at a small business are slim, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits. Being part of a small operation means that you’ll have a more personable experience. You’ll actually be part of the team instead of a random team member. Your input counts since you are a valued worker.

On the other hand, it is much harder to get hired on with a small business than it is to get hired with a big organization. This is due to a variety of reasons, including smaller businesses have smaller operating budgets, so they can be extremely picky about when and who to hire. Hiring can create a ripple effect that is felt all throughout a small business’ operations, so even if you have the best skills and experience on the planet, your chances of getting hired at a small business are slim. If you want to work for a small business, you need to focus on your personality. Here are several traits that small business and start-up owners look for when hiring.

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Passion – Your passions about work are extremely important to big and small businesses alike. Both types of organizations want employees who are dedicated to the company. In the small business world, if you are willing and able to live, eat, and sleep work, you’ll have a much better chance of getting your foot in the door and making a place for yourself.

Adaptability – Many start-ups and small businesses have dynamic working environments. There are always changes being made to processes to make the organization as a whole more efficient and fine-tuned. You must be able to work in a variety of roles and wear many different hats in order to keep up with the pace and demands of working for a smaller less established company. You should also be well versed in working with a variety of customer service software and able to act as a help desk professional occasionally.

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Confidence – Confidence is a vital skill in the small business world. It shows the ability to remain calm and in charge in the face of uncertainty. Small businesses tend to experience ebbs and flows in their daily operations. Individuals who are good at operating well under pressure are best suited to survive and excel in the industry.

Opportunist – If you are someone who recognizes opportunity when it comes knocking, you can be an asset to a small business. Many owners need people who can spot opportunities for growth and act in the best interest of the organization to take advantage of them. Being able to make decisions about cloud help desk providers, buyers, and other technologies to facilitate business growth is a plus.

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Self Sufficient Worker – It is much harder to slack off in a small company than it is in a larger organization. If you can’t stay motivated to work hard and perform every aspect of your job to the fullest capacity every day, then your position at a small organization may not last very long. You must be willing to work hard and for long hours in order to succeed at a small business.

When filling out your application for a small business, make sure you tailor it so that it reflects how you can be an asset to that company. Your application should make it clear that you are the missing link that is needed to take that organization to the next level and beyond.

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