Knowledge is power

How to Manage Your Knowledge to Grow your Power

Knowledge is indeed power, especially when it comes to beating your competitors. Cayzu creates customer support software to help you harness that knowledge, but there’s even more you can do to take great care of your customers and build your business at the same time. Learn why it’s so essential to properly harness and manage the wealth of information at your disposal.

Streamline the Resolution Process

Gathering and managing knowledge allows your customer service team to better respond to customer support problems. Whenever a representative successfully takes care of a customer issue, it’s better to have that solution shared with all of your representatives rather than have the information remain with one person. This way, the rest of your representatives don’t have to go through a trial-and-error period when faced with the same issue, which can cost you business.

Tip: A customer facing public knowledge base is critical to your business but don’t forget an internal, private knowledge base for your team! – Cayzu can help with both! 

Get it Right the First Time

Gathering consumer information such as name, address, contact information and the like into a central database prevents customers from having to repeat the information whenever they reach out to your help desk. Imagine being lobbed back and forth between representatives and having to give your phone number and other contact detail each and every single time. This takes up time, and can make your customers quite frustrated and irritated.

Tip: Cayzu consolidates all your contact/company information into easy to use contact cards that are accessible directly when working in a support request.  

Let Customers Help Themselves

Sometimes customers have simple or common questions with answers they can’t find on your company website. To save them the time and effort of asking a representative, and to save your representatives the time of answering common questions over and over, manage knowledge into a FAQ section or a self-service function that saves everyone time and resources. You can also use knowledge in a way that allows you to be proactive about questions and issues customers might have in the future.

Tip: Don’t forget about Cayzu’s Quick Responses! These canned questions and answers will speed up the cycle time between you and your customers! 

If ideas are the foundation of a successful business, then proper knowledge management works to support and strengthen that foundation. Fortify the bones of your business with a steady diet of calcium sourced from a solid and shared well of information.

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