Should You Automate Your Internal Customer Service? An Overview of Benefits and Things to Consider

Internal customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. It is where you interact with your customers (fellow employees) and ensure that their experience would warrant their loyalty to the company in the long run.

In fact, a study by Statista says that 66% of consumers consider customer service as one of the critical factors when choosing a brand and this would be no different when it comes to employees and the company they work for. It is essential then that you have the right tools to provide the best experience for them.

With the current fragmented technological landscape, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the countless options out there. To narrow down your list, you might want to check out some automated customer service examples to see how customer service software can help your business.

There are several advantages of automated customer service. The benefits of which can contribute to your organization’s growth. With that said, here is how to improve internal customer service.

1. Shorten waiting time for customers

Nowadays, everyone wants things done fast and instantaneous. Thankfully, you can adapt to such demands through great internal customer service. A tool like Cayzu allows you to accommodate customer inquiries and requests without worrying about your agent’s availability.

Using automation ensures that work gets done without further human interference. It will automatically respond to questions, resolve issues, reach out to customers, and more. It also allows for a proactive approach with customer service instead of reactionary.

Cayzu allows you to setup a comprehensive knowledge base where your team can go for common questions, issue resolutions, and help tutorials. See more regarding Self Service below. 

Prompt responses in customer service can ensure a fast resolution. This, in turn, enhances the customer experience with your brand. By showing your efficiency in supporting them, you’re guaranteed to keep repeat customers in the long run.

2. Reduce chances of errors

As the saying goes, “to err is human.” Customer service agents can attest that there will be blunders from time to time. However, seemingly minor errors can result in grave consequences afterward. Likewise, insufficient training or knowledge among representatives can have negative impacts on your brand’s internal customer service.

According to another study by Statista, the number one reason for customers’ frustration with their customer service experience is the lack of knowledge or ability of representatives in resolving their issues. This shows how errors can have such a huge impact on your customers’ experience with your brand.

With automation tools, you have no more room for human errors. The various technological innovations ensure that these tools are better and more efficient than ever. Unlike humans, where memory can be faulty, your customer service software can retain information accurately and indefinitely. Input certain criteria, data, or commands, and it will surely remember these throughout.

3. Save up money

As your company grows, the more internal customers you will have to deal with from time to time. This might force you to hire more customer service agents and extend operation hours in the long run. All of which means spending more resources to sustain.

However, refusing to do any of these might result in losing employees and critical projects in the process. Likewise, failing to adapt to the growing number of internal customers may result in missing out on opportunities. Fortunately, automation provides a cheaper way to accommodate your growth while providing a better internal customer experience.

With this option, you will need only one or two software to serve more team members. Most of which have flexible prices depending on the size of your company. You don’t have to worry about recruiting new employees, calculate salaries and wages, compute for overtime pays, and more.

4. Improve productivity

Being a customer representative can be challenging. After all, they have a lot on their plate, aside from simply liaising with employees and clients. They have other tasks to perform, such as taking note of important information, placing or canceling requests, updating databases, keeping track of policies, selling products, and more.

With this many responsibilities weighing them down, their productivity might plummet down. This leaves them little room to entertain more customers, resulting in missed opportunities in the process. It might even result in their performance lagging as well.

To avoid potential burnout, you must provide some backup or assistance to your representatives in the form of automation software or tools. Often, companies that are automating customer service see an increase in productivity among their representatives. By allocating certain tasks to automation, their employees have more time to do other value-adding tasks for the organization.

5. Streamline workflow

Contrary to popular belief, customer service automation doesn’t only refer to a bot or program interacting with your customers. Present automation are more sophisticated now with functions that can go beyond what you would usually expect from such tools.

The best and most popular customer service automations out there can also help streamline your workflow. It can help create a better system for handling your customers and ensuring that your processes remain efficient and effective.

You can further enhance your workflow through other software integrations such as a helpdesk software. You can check out this CompareCamp guide in selecting a help desk software to help you build a better system for customer service.

6. Allow for self-service

Recent trends show that more customers prefer self-service when resolving issues compared to the back and forth emails and calls with your representatives. This option has several benefits both on your side and on your customer’s side.

Through self-service, your customers can resolve their issues anytime, even during after hours. They no longer have to wait for an available representative to entertain them. They can simply finish their business on the spot.

Self-service can go in many forms. Chatbots, for one, allows for more spontaneous live chat interactions with your team. Another way is to create a knowledge database or a repository of frequently asked questions (FAQ) which your customers can access anytime.

7. Leverage data and analytics

Probably the best and most convincing argument as to why you need automation in a customer service software is the chance to leverage data and analytics for your company. In this data-driven world, you will need this to have the edge over the rest of your competitors.

Data such as customer information, behavior, ticketing paths, and trends are essential to help you adapt to the ever-changing market landscape. It helps you identify strengths and weaknesses within your customer service and use this data to improve it later on.

Your automation tools act as a net that captures all relevant information from your interactions with your customers. It collates, stores, and analyzes them without adding more workload to your representatives.

The future of internal customer service

Some businesses remain hesitant at the thought of automating interactions with internal customers. After all, several sci-fi movies and novels have painted automations in a bad light.  People are afraid that it removes the element of human connection in customer service, while others believe that it could steal away people’s jobs in the long run.

And while there are both pros and cons of automated customer service, the loss of that human touch isn’t one of them. The best automation tools will go beyond common expectations. It will work hand in hand with your representatives to enhance customer experience in the best and most efficient way possible.

So regardless of what industry you’re in, your company would need the best tools to provide a great and effective customer service for your consumers. Fortunately, technology has provided you with countless automation tools you can use to give them the best experience possible.

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