Trickle down effect of Customer Service

The Trickle-Down Effect of Customer Service

The most powerful of empires require equally powerful rulers who are able to inspire and lead. While you may not seek to have a business empire, you can still model your company after this philosophy. It’s the leaders who truly make or break a company. Cayzu help desk wants to show you just how much influence management and senior leadership have over the customer service experience.

From the Root to the Fruit

Employees typically model their customer service behaviour and business approach after the founders. What this means is if the CEO doesn’t care much about customer experience, then the employees aren’t likely to either. Customer service reps are a bit like ducklings in that they imprint on the first thing they see when they’re born (or join a company) and learn from that subject. If managers and other company leaders put their focus and resources on areas other than customer service, employees are likely to do the same.

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CEOs of the world’s most successful and well-known companies were able to reach such great heights partially due to how much they’ve focused on constantly improving the capabilities of their helpdesk. These individuals realize that it’s the customers who have brought them their success and do everything they can to maintain their relationships.

Bad Publicity

Besides angering customers who are likely to take their business elsewhere, leaders who place a minimum of importance on customers are likely to find their names being tarnished on social media. Unsatisfied customers won’t hesitate to share a bad experience with family and friends online, and those individuals are likely to avoid that company in the future. Once bad reviews hit social media feeds, they may even draw the attention of the media, which can hurt a brand even more.

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While leaders are often positioned at the top, they actually act as the bedrock on top of which everything else is built. Without a solid customer service plan from leadership, a business is likely to collapse in on itself.

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