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3 Effective Ways to Combat the Decline in Social Media Customer Service

Cayzu wants you to not only have an effective helpdesk to provide your customers with exemplary service, we also want to keep you up-to-date on the latest news in the customer service industry. In recent years, social media-based customer service has quickly increased in popularity, but that trend seems to have changed as more and more customers have started to step away from getting assistance through social media platforms. Learn what you can do to keep your social media customer service game strong and your customers satisfied.

Gather Customer Data

Just as customers hate calling and having to repeat information over and over to several different customer service agents, the same applies to social media customer service. Ease this frustration (and the possibility of losing a customer) by collecting customer data and making sure it follows the individual as he or she speaks with different representatives on the phone, online and any other mediums you use to deliver customer service. Our cloud help desk makes it easy for you to collect and review this information for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Speed Up Results

Bear in mind that this tip doesn’t mean you have to spend as little time as possible with callers and those who reach out to you online. What it does mean is your online helpdesk and phone system should be optimized for rapid transfers and queues in order that you can start helping your customers faster. We also recommend that you adequately staff your customer service department and that you regularly review performance for areas of improvement.

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Representative Education

Your customer service representatives should be fully educated on the products and/or services you offer in order that they know how to best help customers. What’s more is they should also be well-informed of the most effective customer service tactics.  Remember, knowledge is power!

Even if social media customer care is declining, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will affect you. Beat the odds by staying ahead of them and support your customers where they live, not where you want them to live.

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