Obvious customer service steps

5 Obvious Customer Service Lessons That We Sometimes Forget

Effective customer service is integral to any organisation trying to build a positive reputation and gain repeat customers. Some companies have struggled with truly caring for their customers in the digital age. How do you communicate understanding and kindness through customer service software? What are the core tenets of serving your customers better? Here are five lessons from us to you.

1. Customers Before Competition

This might seem like an overly obvious point, but it is something that needs to be engaged and unpacked. It’s not just a phrase that sounds nice. Serving your customers’ needs means being customer-focused instead of competitor-focused.

Too many businesses base their whole operation on competing with others. While healthy competition is good, it shouldn’t be the driving force of your daily operations. Next time you evaluate your services or products, take a second to think about what will satisfy your customers more rather than how you can one-up your competitors.

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2. Seek to Understand

A lot of customers feel like they are heard. Fewer customers feel like they are understood. In order to properly identify their needs and develop effective solutions, you need to truly understand your customers. Treat each customer interaction as a lesson and do all you can to make sure you truly understand their needs.

3. Customers Are the Most Important

When you get caught up in the daily operations of business and attend countless meetings, it can be easy to lose sight of your customers. Business meetings tend to focus on financials and internal issues. When you’re at your next meeting, imagine that a customer is sitting in that room with all of you. Make decisions and develop strategies based around your customers. Your business can’t succeed without them.

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4. It’s All About Respect

In today’s business world, respect is more important than ever. This might sound like another no-brainer tip, but it truly makes a difference. The perception of your brand can change quickly in the world of the Internet. If you have an unhappy customer they can make you look bad to their hundreds or thousands of followers in an instant. Treating each customer with poise, respect, and graciousness throughout every step of the process is crucial. Even when they voice their complaints to the Internet, have a plan for how to respond kindly no matter how frustrated you get.

5. Don’t Avoid Apologizing

At one point or another an organization is going to face scrutiny. You will make mistakes and upset customers. Your response in these situations is important. When you take responsibility for mistakes and provide a heartfelt apology when necessary, it will have a positive reception on the public. It might feel embarrassing or frustrating to apologize, but it shows everyone that you care about your customers and strive to do better.

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These tips aren’t supposed to act as the five commandments of customer service. They are intended to help you analyze your customer service and do some introspective thinking. If you want to provide better customer service, you can do so with the help Cayzu’s HelpDesk software. Identifying your customers’ needs and responding to them is easy with a cloud based help desk.

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