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The Keys to Effective Customer Self-Service

Cayzu is all about helping companies help themselves with a full featured, cloud based helpdesk solution, and you might share this sentiment when it comes to customer self-service. But before you dive headfirst into the self-service sea, there are a few ideas to strap on that are sure to keep you and your business afloat.

Self-Service Is an Extension, Not a Substitute
Your customer self-service model should act as an extra soldier in your business army, not a lone wolf agent. The way your new customer service function works should be in line with your current business philosophy and business goals. Customers should be able to use the function and immediately associate it with your brand.

Make it Simple

What’s the use of having self-service if it feels more like self-torture? Use the feature yourself to see how intuitive and helpful it truly is in order that you know the experience your customers will have.

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Focus on Overall Security

There’s a chance customers will be entering sensitive personal and financial information while using self-service. Make sure their info is secure and safely stored. (Cayzu has the strongest encryption, check it out! )

Offer Round-the-Clock Self-Service

One of the great things about self-service is that it can be used when one-on-one customer service either isn’t available, or isn’t preferred. This 24/7 access should also include times when your internal systems are down.

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Make it Multi-Channel

To better integrate customer self-service with the rest of your helpdesk capabilities, make sure it links with all of your other methods of customer communication, including email, social media and even fax. This goes a long way in saving time and resources, and it offers a more streamlined experience, which you, your customers and your customer service representatives are sure to enjoy. Should you discover any redundancies in your multi-channel strategy, resolve them as quickly as possible.

Self-service makes for a great addition to your customer service capabilities. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to get the most out of the application.

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