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6 Ways to Boost the Customer Service Capabilities of Your Small to Medium Business

As the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, it’s essential that you use every tool at your disposal to take proper care of your customers. While Cayzu is here to help you achieve that goal through dependable and innovate helpdesk technology, we also want to offer you six additional tips for further improving your customer service capabilities.

1. Quick and Timely Responses

Today’s customers expect quick replies from their friends when they text or email them, and ever faster replies from the companies they contact. It’s a good idea to have a customer service representative who deals exclusively with email correspondence, and you may even need someone outside of regular office hours.  (A customer self service portal will also help!)

2. Answer the Phone

An obvious suggestion, true, but nonetheless worth mentioning. Phones should be manned during your office hours, and calls should be answered within two rings. Have a small team? Set up an answering service.  (Have a smaller team? Instead offer online, live chat .  Tawk is free and integrates into Cayzu Help Desk)

3. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Whenever a mistake is made that you know is your fault, simply admit it. Not only do customers appreciate honesty, you save time from playing the blame game.

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4. Hear

Don’t just listen to what your customers are saying, hear what they’re saying. Let customers finish speaking or typing through your web site, and make sure you thoroughly understand the problem before developing a solution.

5. Manage Expectations

Rather than informing customers that a product will arrive in three days like it normally does, change it to five days. This gives you some cushioning in case something goes awry, and customers will be pleased with the early delivery if everything proceeds apace.

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6. Be Proactive With Problems

By keeping a close eye on your supply chain, you can head problems off at the pass before they have a chance to reach the customer. When issues are inevitable, inform the customer and start developing a solution immediately.

These are just a few things you can do to make it a delight for your customers to do business with your business. While you might have the capabilities of a small to medium business, you can have the customer service resources of a larger company.

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