Why the Zendesk IPO Makes us at Cayzu Helpdesk Happy!

Yesterday, Zendesk, a fellow help desk software vendor, had a successful opening day on the New York Stock Exchange raising $100 million dollars in their initial public offering.

The Zendesk IPO is important to the entire tech industry as it really gauges the health of the stock market for tech companies.  It also proves that there still is an appetite for investments into cloud based companies.

From Cayzu’s perspective, this IPO raises awareness about the importance of why all businesses should use a cloud based helpdesk solution to improve their overall customer service strategy.  This is especially true for small and medium sized businesses, who can use their size as an advantage to combat the heavy hitters in their industry by  providing a personalized and awesome support experience.


How does a Helpdesk Solution help your business?:

1. Gives your customers 24/7 answers with a branded self-service knowledge base

2. All support requests come into an easy to manage cloud based portal

3. No more having to deal with support requests in a disorganized email inbox

4. Monitors your Facebook & Twitter accounts so you’re always aware of what your customers are saying

5. Integrates into your CRM so support and sales are in sync (No sales person likes pie in their face)

6. Best of all there’s no cost to you.  Cayzu helpdesk is FREE for up to 3 agents


Need more reasons on why you should register Cayzu helpdesk for your business? Email us at sales@cayzu.com and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Cayzu Helpdesk – Make your customers happy!

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