What Does Your Complete Hub for Customer Support Look Like?

The key to exceptional customer service is exceptional communication. To this end, it is important for companies to be available through their clients’ preferred methods of communication. With Cayzu’s Multi Channel platform, you can efficiently manage and respond to incoming messages from multiple communication portals. Email Tickets Communication rapidly deteriorates without organization to support it. […]

A Closer Look at Hosted Help Desk Solutions

Customer service has always been a cornerstone of how business is done, and companies ignore this at their peril. Improving the delivery of customer service and the service experience overall should be a priority if you want to distinguish your company as a leader in your industry. There are many ways that company decision makers […]

Integration with Zapier + 15 New Cayzu Help Desk Features

The Cayzu Help Desk team is excited to announce our latest feature release! Here’s what’s included: Integration with Zapier Integration with Apiant Integration with Cookiebot New search filters Assets can now be linked to forms Assets are now linked to tickets in the agent portal Added Blacklist/Whitelist management Exposed suspended tickets Added the ability to […]

Are You Maximizing Your Customer Service on Social Media?

Technology allows companies to have more interaction with clients than ever before in history, and this comes with positives and negatives. Online forums are available at any hour of the day or night, and reviews are there for everybody to see. Your customers are talking about you on social media, and it’s important to find […]